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June 4, 2011
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Dyogi Ref by DarkPhoenix24 Dyogi Ref by DarkPhoenix24


EDIT: Changed some little "other"details.</b>

Please excuse the messiness of this reference. She's just very shaggy.

Name: Dyogi
Breed Base: Irish Wolfhound
Age: about 4 years
Gender: Female
Abilities: She can emit a very high-pitched sound, out of the human range of hearing, but painful to dogs. Painful as in rolling on the ground agony. She is immune to the sound, but it takes a lot of air and often leaves her gasping for breath, an easy target.
•She’s big, and knows how to use her weight
•Her long legs help her to run fast, but only for short bursts.
•She can take a more damage than most other dogs with her size.
•Not very agile due to size
•Limp in back right leg
•Her back leg and nose are both very sensitive to injury
•Her wiry fur makes it a bit easier to get a grip on her
•Terrible stamina. Period. Don't ask her to run far, or fight long. She'd prefer a nice nap.
Personality: Dyogi is usually laid back and uncaring about what’s going on around her, but that changes when you insult, injure, or annoy her. Then, Dyogi is outgoing and sure to state her opinion loud and proud. Though she doesn’t know much of her heritage, she retains a lot of Irish traits, such as not getting as afraid as quickly as she probably should and that she likes to have a good time. One of her most notable Irish traits is her exemplary insulting abilities. She can insult like no other. When she does get angry, (i.e. you annoy her) lets just say that you’ve never been truly scared until you’ve seen Irish vengeance.
History: Simple. She was raised by her Mama and Pa, no problem there. When she turned two, she had to, shall we say, ‘leave the nest’. During this time she acquired a leg injury that never properly healed. She never speaks of how it occurred or what inflicted it.
•Her bandana
•The color green
•Laughing and jokes
•Rowdy drinking songs, even though dogs don’t drink
•Others underestimating her because of her injury
•Soberness and solemnity
•She’s known as ‘Banshee’ for her ability
•Dyogi. Say it with me. D-O-G
•Little to no Irish accent

Oh yeah, I love the name Dyogi. I've just been waiting to use it for so long, and here's the perfect opportunity! Also, I chose and Irish wolfhound cuz they just look so flippin CUTE! and I do have a bit of Irish blood.

For the :iconchernobyl-curs: OCT. You ready to see some Irish win?
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Songdog-StrayFang Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Writer
I am confused; you imply that there are dogs in Pripyat drinking. But, alcohol is rather dangerous for dogs since they're proportionally much smaller than humans so even small amounts could make them very ill or kill them. Plus, it's Pripya where humans haven't inhabited for decades.

Or am I just confused ^^; ?

Oh, it also says she gets offended when her 'Irish Heritage' is insulted. It doesn't mention her being from Ireland originally, or even that her parents were from Ireland, so how would she have a concept for what Ireland is? Or even more so, why would she be offended if the other dogs, who probably dun have a concept for countries either, insulted Ireland when she doesn't know anything about the country? I understand she's based on Irish breeds but she was born in the Ukraine, and never left the country. At least this was mentioned nowhere in your history. So what is the importance for her regarding Ireland?
DarkPhoenix24 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
I'm not implying that she's drinking, I'm implying that she acts like she's drunk.
You might just be confused.

I have lived in Texas all my life but I still get ticked off when somebody disses Oklahoma or the Cherokee nation. I may not live there (where my dad grew up) or even be more than one thirty-second Cherokee, but its as much a part of me as being Texas.

And if you think about it, look at some of the other reference sheets. They're saying characters that are only partially a French breed have an almost incomprehensible French accent. How do they know that? There are some pretty strange things on CC, and this is not the weirdest.
Chamfruit Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Wait, why wouldn't dogs have concept for countries? If you allow that they sort of understand what the humans tell them, which is sometimes the case in this genre, and that they are mostly subservient to humans, that would follow that they could have adopted most of the human understanding of the world, more or less. If dogs simply aren't capable of understanding the human construction of the world because of an intelligence difference, the entire tournament seems a little strange. I'd say you'd have to allow that the dogs are assumed to have the capacity for intelligence of being able to comprehend the human world given the established canon of the tournament. Therefore, why wouldn't they understand countries again? And do they not talk about their heritage? Perhaps the knowledge could've been passed from mother to children. Or information could have just spread on its own, as part of whatever culture these fictional dogs might have (and I'd say they have the intelligence capacity for having culture and that the "dog culture" is up to the individual writer, not being established canon). Just because it is not established in the background doesn't mean it is unreasonable to assume.
Although I do agree the alcohol is silly, but there are much, much sillier things in CC than that.
Also, hi!
Songdog-StrayFang Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Writer
But it doesn't say anywhere that the dog's family came from Ireland anytime recently. It's not mentioned anywhere in the hsitory, only as a personality trait. If they're going to use it, and have it be so important to the character and their personality, why is it completely absent from the history? Some of the dogs that do have some sort of nationality tied to them mentioned having a reason, such as coming from that country, or their parents being from that country. I could understand dogs having their own invented ideas of countries and where boarders lie, but why would they necessarily have to be confined to the one's humans have determined, when the dogs may or may not be able to understand any of what the humans say (Depending on the individual dog)

And just because the dogs are more intelligent than the average dog does not necessarily give them human intelligence and human knowledge of human conceived boundaries and concepts. Especially boundaries that are far away and they've never (mentioned having) been to. A lot of how the dogs think, act, and perceive the world to varies from individual interpretation, and even from dog to dog, which is why I was curious and asked this individual to explain the character more so that if I, or anyone else, had to fight them or wanted to include them at some point we had some sort of understanding for their character motives and personality.

The point of xenofiction, and the point of having dog characters and not people, is to do have character that aren't normal people. You get to see how others blend human concepts with that of dogs, or offer new interpretations and inventions of dog concepts unknown to people. If the characters were going to behave, think, and act just like humans, that would entirely defeat the purpose of having dog characters.
Chamfruit Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
First of all, the things I am trying to say are less about what should happen and more about what is reasonable for the writer to include in their interpretation. It is less about the "why"s and more about the "why not"s. The problem with this sort of thing is that you have to allow for some interpretation and creative freedom, because 100% accuracy just is not possible, seeing as we are humans, unable to really comprehend life as a dog, and are creating a story for human readers to identify with. I do agree the line has to be drawn somewhere, especially with xenofiction (however, I will contend that the OCT entries shouldn't have to conform to the general standards of the genre). What I *am arguing* is that this is a case of the reasonable, depending on the interpretation of the author.
There is nothing to say dogs with the *capacity for intelligence* (I never said nor intentionally implied equal or similar intelligence to humans) would not have some sort of culture or general understanding of their world. Them sharing the human culture is less about why they would and more about why they wouldn't and it is certainly reasonable and easy to imagine them doing that considering their shared history and cohabitation with human beings. I can also understand them not doing it, seeing as they have their own unique perspective and (possibly limited) understanding of reality. But it is about the writer's choice and the writer's interpretation. I am not writing their story, and neither are you.
In terms of culture, yet again, there is nothing to say these dogs do not carry some sort of sense of history. Why would they only be able to understand a generation back? Plenty of people are aware of their history several generations out, so why not dogs? Again, it is not exactly what you'd expect of dogs, but that doesn't make it unreasonable for the author to include it in their interpretation of "dog culture".

Again, the point was, just because it isn't established, doesn't mean it is unreasonable to assume.
Songdog-StrayFang Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Writer
Alright, for starters this cannot continue on this poor person's page.

Second, I wanted to know their explanation. This is their character, not yours, and the bulk of your argument is amounts to saying that I don't know how their interpretation works. I know that, that's why I asked in the first place. You can't explain the motives of the character or the person's reasoning, and that is the information I wanted. I want to know the person's reasonings for the sake of the OCT we are both competing in, possibly as competitors, whereas it feels like you're arguing for the sake of arguing, which isn't aiding the situation or of my obtaining the information I asked for.

Let the person defend themselves. If you wanted the debate this with me for the sake of debate, by all means that's fine but you should have sent me a note or IMed me on Skype. Or even commented saying "I disagree, let's discuss this privately." Not taken it up in their comments. I'm not too much better for the sake of continuing the argument, but it needs to end. I've already sent a note apologizing that their comments section is full of arguing. All I want is the answer I asked for in the beginning.
Chamfruit Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I did intend for it to be able to be seen by the creator, though.
Just think of me as a randomly appearing defense attorney. One who doesn't consult with her clients first, muahahahahaha! Yes, that totally works. No, it doesn't.
Songdog-StrayFang Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Writer
But the problem is, you're not helping me reach my answer. I want to know their reasoning for the sake of the story we are both involved in, and that you can't give me. You just needlessly complicating the simple issue.

Saying they need a defense attorney is insulting to them. They are perfectly capable of defending themselves, they don't need a random person speaking on their behalf. In fact it sounds even egotistical, the white-knight syndrome. I just want the answer to my question, not to argue in their comments with someone who can neither give me the answer, nor is involved with the matter at hand.
AmiliaLongTail Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*is entering an Irish breed too* IRISH FOR THE WIN 8D

Best of luck to you, friend <3
DarkPhoenix24 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
You know they're gonna pair us up for that. I can imagine Vendel giving Dyogi a lecture for being so drunk and rowdy.
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